Welcome to OMG Barbecue.

OMG Barbecue Sauce is emerging as the Best Sauce On The Planet! We want everyone to have a bottle, but because shipping just one bottle makes it very difficult to justify, we found that by offering a six-pack of assorted flavors, everyone on the planet can afford to enjoy this bold exciting new sauce from the Pacific Northwest.

Consider this: If you were to buy a bottle for $6.00, and then pay $10.00 for shipping, you would have a $16.00 bottle of barbecue sauce. Seriously... I love my sauce, but no way would I expect anyone to pay that much for a bottle.

So, when we put six bottles together, we can save a bundle on shipping and get all of them to you anywhere in the United States for only $39.99. And that includes all shipping costs!

That makes your OMG sauce only $6.67 per bottle (shipping included). And you can choose the flavors. Get six of one or mix and match. Try them all!